Modern English Translations of a Revelation of Love before Grace Warrack

When we think of Modern English translations of A Revelation of Love (that is to say, translations published after Serenus Cressy’s edition of 1670) more often than not we think of those which came after Grace Warrack’s Revelations of Divine Love Recorded by Julian, Anchoress at Norwich, Anno Domini 1373, A version from the MS in the British Museum, published in London by Methuen in 1901. Indeed, her book is frequently referred to as ‘the first modern translation’, or words to that effect. But there were three nineteenth-century publications – one in America and two in England – which preceded Warrack’s translation and deserve to be better known.

Let’s start at the beginning and simply mention that Serenus Cressy’s XVI Revelations of Divine Love, published in London in 1670, was the editio princeps – or, if you like, the first of the editiones principes – of Julian’s manuscript of the Long Text (the Short Text appears in print in 1911, thanks to Dundas Harford, published in London by H.R. Allenson), a Paris manuscript, BN MS fonds anglais 40 (Bibliotheca Bigotiana 388), which was dedicated to Mary Blount and included a Letter to the Reader.


Luke Penkett CJN, ObJN

Hon. Librarian and Archivist

The Julian Campus, Norwich

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