Autumn Book Group with the authors: Fictional Approaches to Julian's Life

 Imagining Julian: Recent Fictional Approaches to Julian's Life

October 11th 7.00pm

 Focusing on Claire Gilbert's I, Julian and Victoria Mackenzie's For thy great pain have mercy on my little pain' we will be joined by the authors to look at why Julian and why now and discuss what insights these imaginative interpretations of Julian’s life offer to our understanding of her writing.

Ideally, participants will have read both books before the event. They are both widely available, including from the Julian Centre. Join us for an informal, lively, and enjoyable discussion of the imaginative appeal of Julian of Norwich in the 650th year since her Revelations.

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Sally-Anne Lomas, Writer/Director of the award-winning BBC4 Documentary The Search for the Lost Manuscript: Julian of Norwich, will lead a discussion comparing two very different fictional approaches to Julian’s Life, I, Julian by Claire Gilbert and For thy great pain have mercy on my little pain by Victoria Mackenzie. We will be joined by both authors to discuss why Julian?, and why now?

This will be a wonderful opportunity to question the authors about their creative decisions and gain insight into the process of writing a historical novel.

Find out more about Victoria's book on her website   Read a review of Claire's book by a Companion of Julian of Norwich. 

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