Love Is The Meaning - An exhibition of new art celebrating the words and shewings of Julian of Norwich

St John’s Church Timberhill
Julian’s Church Rouen Road
St Stephen’s Church Rampant Horse Street

Take a walk into a different world this autumn, the world of Julian, visionary and  the first woman write a book in English.

This exhibition leads you on a short walk between three Norwich churches, the places most connected with Julian when she lived in Norwich 650 years ago. Inside the venues you will find artworks that truly challenge you to look again at
Julian’s words.

To celebrate the 650th anniversary year of the visions of Julian of Norwich, the Friends of Julian are hosting a unique look at her life and work. Julian was the first woman to write in the English language and she wrote about her pictures. Pictures sent to her from God at her request because she wanted to understand life and what it means. Whatever your background, her writings, so radical for their time, have something to say about life and our priorities. She writes of Jesus as our Mother, she writes of the importance of looking after every single creature and plant because they are made by love and she sees in all her visions, overwhelmingly, that love is important.

In the three churches you’ll find stone carving, paint, prints, stained glass, interactive light and sound installations – art that invites you to play and to think. The artists encourage you to enter the ‘pictures’ behind Julian’s words and take a new look at this famous writer and visionary.

Free Family Arts & Crafts Day, Thursday 26 October, 10am-3pm

Join us for this hands-on half term craft day and workshop reflecting on Julian of Norwich. Facilitated by artists from the exhibition.

Bring family and friends and enjoy a day exploring the world of art and Julian.

St John’s, Timberhill Try your hand at playing with light and colour.  Use simple shapes and colours to make a light installation.

St Stephen’s, Rampant Horse Street Explore Julian’s world in collage, clay or stained glass. 

11.00am-2.00pm Geniststa Anahita  - Stained glass design and demo

12 noon-3.00pm Anna Moschenska - playing with clay

St Julian’s Shrine, Rouen Road Visit the medieval re-enactors who will show you how Julian wrote and how beautiful medieval illuminations start – with making ink and paint from scratch!  How did she live?  How did she write?  Lean the skills to make your own tools and use them as Julian did.

 Workshops for Adults 10am-3pm

Join our artists to hear them explain their work, explore the art and learn new skills. Groups limited to eight people max. All art materials will be provided.

  • Thursday 19 October, St. Stephen's Church, Book here for Michele Witting – Create your own text and pictures.  For more info. and tickets CLICK HERE.
  • Saturday 21 October, the Julian Centre next to St. Julian's Church, Lynette Howells-Moore – Life drawing from art and atmosphere, using music and space to learn more about drawing the whole person. For more info. and tickets CLICK HERE.
  • Saturday 28 October, St. Stephen's Church, Genista Anahita – Learn more about the magical alchemy of stained glass and design your own piece. For more info. and tickets CLICK HERE.
  • Saturday 4 November, St. Stephen's Church, Donna Thompson – Letterpress printing to make High Cards. For more info. and tickets CLICK HERE.
  • Saturday 4 November, the Julian Centre next to St. Julian's Church, Frances Martin – Drawing in pastels. For more info. and tickets CLICK HERE.

Find out about joining the invigilating team for half a day HERE.

Services during the Exhibition

You are welcome to attend the following church services but please note the exhibition will be closed during these times:

St Stephen’s Church, Rampant Horse Street
Sunday Worship: 9.15am & 10.45am.
Mon to Fri: Morning Prayer at 9.30am

St John’s Church, Timberhill
Sunday Worship: 11am, and at 6pm a said service of evening prayer using traditional language.
Tues, Thurs and Sat: Mass at noon

St Julian’s Church, Rouen Road
Sunday worship: 9am. Mon & Wed: Mass at 10am. Fri: Mass at 5pm



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