All Shall Be Well and Everything Is Grace | Norwich | 18th June

Sunday 18th June 4-6pm
The Julian Centre, Rouen Road, Norwich


Two Women, Then and Now: Marie Laure and Sarah Law will share their books about Lady Julian and St Thérèse of Lisieux. The authors will read from Return from Exile, Revelations from an Anchoress in St Augustine (Laure) and Sketches from a Sunlit Heaven (Law)


More information and tickets (by donation) are available here


Marie Laure writes: Across the centuries much has been made of Lady Julian’s story. Why hasn’t she vanished into obscurity like an estimated 300 anchoresses of the Middle Ages? She has survived as a woman of note for 650 years! Many of us want to know more about her. Her story calls to us. We want to see where she stayed alone all those years. Like others, I wondered the same as I embarked on my solo pilgrimage across the ocean to see for myself. The result of that pilgrimage is my book: Return from Exile, Revelations from an Anchoress in St Augustine.

Sarah Law writes: Thérèse of Lisieux was born 150 years ago, in 1873. A much-loved saint, she lived as a contemplative Carmelite nun for nine years until her death in 1897. While her life was brief, her spiritual legacy is profound, and her confidence in a loving and merciful God has much in common with that of Julian. Wondering what it was like to know Therese as a contemporary, I researched and wrote Sketches from a Sunlit Heaven using multiple perspectives. Through its fragmentary, lyrical format, this novel invites readers to find their own connection






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