Learning about Julian

Just as Julian of Norwich composed her Revelations of Divine Love in order to share her experience of God, to console and encourage others in their faith and spiritual growth, so through the Julian Centre we offer a variety of programmes to support, encourage, and inspire others in their spiritual pilgrimage.

The Julian Centre is not so so much a place where people are taught spiritual things, but is a place where people share resources for spiritual deepening, where people can walk alongside one another and learn from each other. And just as Julian wanted people to look through her Revelations to encounter God, so we are happy to talk about Julian and her Revelations but also leave you space to encounter God on your own, supported by Julian's words and counsels and by the beauty and stillness of the St. Julian's church and Cell, and the lovely enclosed garden.

We aim to offer programmes suitable for any audience: academic and informative, or devotional, informative or meditative. These can be provided for adults, young persons, or children; for professed Christians, or religiously diverse groups, or for individuals seeking something deeper.