For young people

Lady Julian’s Cell found in St Julian’s Church offers the chance for both young and old to draw close to the message of love and hope offered by Julian, a Medieval mystic and spiritual writer

While still a young girl, Julian longed to be close to God. When she was around 30 years old she received 16 Shewings or Visions from God. She took on the life of an Anchoress and entered the Cell. Here she recorded in the Revelations of Divine love in the first book thought to have been written by a woman in English

We specialise in Spirituality for children and young people of all ages. Young people and children are naturally 'spiritual beings’, we recognise this and feel privileged when they share their experiences with us. At the Julian Shrine we always have time to listen to the young. Quiet reflection forms an important part of the time we spend with young people

What do Young People discover at Julian’s Shrine?

They find a place of mystery, love and intrigue

Children know things adults have forgotten, they often remind adults of their own childhood

They have time to simply be, to feel the silence and rest

The Julian Shrine is a place to be still, to laugh, to cry. It is a place memories are made and found

Young people can experience pilgrimage here and understand why pilgrims visit from all over the world