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Section One: Texts and Translations of the Revelations


Julian of Norwich: A Revelation of Love. Edited by Marion Glasscoe (Liverpool University Press 1999)

An edition of one of the two Sloane manuscripts in the British Library, the Long Text written in Middle English; a glossary assists the reader who might have a basic knowledge of that language.

modern Translations

Mother Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love. Translated by Halcyon Backhouse & Rhona Pipe. Foreword by Jeremy Begbie. (Hodder 2009)

A straightforward translation of the Long Text re-published some twenty years after its first appearance.


Julian of Norwich: Revelations. Motherhood of God. Frances Beer (Brewer 1998)

In addition to a modern translation of the unique manuscript of the Short Text, also includes chapters from the Long Text which describe Julian’s doctrine of the Motherhood of God, together with a contextualising Introduction and an Interpretative essay.


Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love. Fr John-Julian, an unabridged contemporary translation. (Paraclete Press 2011) well presented translation of one of the two Sloan manuscripts divided into chapters and shorter readings for devotional use by the founder of the Order of Julian of Norwich.


A Revelation of Love. Sr Elizabeth Ruth Obbard (New City 2018)

‘Basing her translation on the Paris manuscript, Sr Elizabeth Ruth’s version does not slavishly follow Julian’s text. Rather, she focuses on the Showings themselves dividing her book in Showings rather than Chapters as in Julian’s original. Meditative drawings enhance the text’. (Magistra)


Julian of Norwich: Revelation of Love. John Skinner (translator) (Gracewing 2004) Basing his translation on Marion Glasscoe’s edition, John adds a Preface and a brief glossary.


Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love. Elizabeth Spearing (translator) (Penguin 1998). A translation of the Short Text and one of the two Sloane manuscripts, the Long Text written in Middle English, with an excellent Introduction, brief endnotes and three interesting appendices by A C Spearing.


Julian of Norwich The Showings: A Contemporary Translation. Mirabai Starr (translator) (Canterbury Press 2014) An internationally acclaimed translator, Mirabai bases her translation on Denise Baker’s version.


Julian of Norwich: All Shall Be Well: Daily Readings from the Revelations

Sheila Upjohn (Friends of Julian of Norwich 1992) After translating sections of Julian’s book for the first of the ‘Enfolded in Love’ series, Sheila wanted to translate the entire work, and this is the result.


Revelations of Divine Love: Julian of Norwich, translated by Grace Warrack, modernised by Yolande Clarke, with an Introduction by A N Wilson.

(SPCK 2017) After a brief Introduction, we have Grace Warrack’s classic translation of one of the two Sloane manuscripts for the modern reader,


Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love, translated by Barry Windeatt (OUP 2015)

This is one of the most recent translations of the Short Text and one of the two Sloane manuscripts, the Long Text written in Middle English, with an excellent Introduction, endnotes and Indices.

Section Two: Selections

40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich, edited by Lisa E Dahill (Augsburg Books 1978)

Forty extracts for meditation, accompanied by Biblical quotations, questions to ponder, reflections for journaling and intercessory prayers.


A Month with Julian of Norwich, edited by Rima Devereaux (SPCK 2018)

Sixty-two extracts to nurture the contemporary reader in the morning and in the evening.


Enfolded in Love: Daily Readings of love, forgiveness and joy in Love Enclosed: Daily Readings of vision, compassion and hope (DLT re-published 2019)

These two internationally acclaimed publications have been newly curated by Fr Luke Penkett, presenting Julian’s words anew for a modern generation.

Section Three: Introductions

Love is the Meaning: Growing in Faith with Julian of Norwich, Ann Lewin (Canterbury Press 2010)

A practical guide for exploring the spiritual life with Julian, with questions for reflection or discussion, perfect for group or individual study.


Introducing Julian Woman of Norwich. Sr Elizabeth Ruth Obbard (New City 1995)

A wonderfully warm Introduction, beautifully illustrated.


Through Julian’s Windows: Growing into wholeness with Julian of Norwich Sr Elizabeth Ruth Obbard (Canterbury Press 2008)

An Introduction which offers the reader glimpses through the three windows of Julian’s cell.


Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief Introduction. Janina Ramirez (SPCK 2016)

One of the best, short, contextualising introductions to Julian, perfectly harmonising with Janina’s documentary ‘The Search for the Lost Manuscript’ (also available from the Julian Centre).


Love is His Meaning: The Impact of Julian of Norwich. John Skinner (Gracewing 2013)

Using much of his original translation, John punctuates this with a thoughtful commentary.

Section Four: More Advanced Studies

The Drawing of this Love. Robert Fruehwirth (Canterbury Press 2016)

‘A great deal is packed into this book and the chapters, though short, repay slow, meditative reading. The provision of questions may happily invited group reading and discussion’. (The Way)


Julian of Norwich.   Grace Jantzen (SPCK Classics 1987)

Apart from a new Introduction, there is little that is new in this 1987 classic on Julian’s theology.


An Explorer’s Guide to Julian of Norwich. Veronica Mary Rolf (IVP 2018)

‘The author is the perfect guide, answering many unasked questions, pointing out much on the way that we wouldn’t have noticed’ (Magistra)


Julian of Norwich: In God’s Sight.   Philip Sheldrake (Wiley 2019)

‘One of the finest studies to appear so far, not only on Julian, but also on the nature of God’s compassion which manifests Sheldrake’s admiration for both on every page’ (The Way)


In Search of Julian of Norwich. Sheila Upjohn   (DLT 1989)

One of Sheila’s first studies of Julian, a deservedly long-lived and meticulous publication, finely illustrated.


Why Julian Now? A Voyage of Discovery. (Friends of Julian 2014)

A broad-based exploration of the relevance of Julian of Norwich for today.


St. Julian’s Church Norwich. Sheila Upjohn & Nicholas Groves (Friends of Julian 2018)

So much more than a guide book, this outstanding publication gives a thorough description of the church, its history and its setting, copiously illustrated.

Section FIVE: Julian IN literature

The Anchoress. Jean Flowerdew (Friends of Julian 2010)

An engaging story for the young and young at heart, well researched.

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