'All Shall Be Well': Poems for Julian of Norwich | Editor Sarah Law wins a bronze in the Illumination Book Awards


All Shall Be Well: Poems for Julian of Norwich  (Amethyst Press) is an anthology of poem all with Julian in mind.

'Some poems make connections between Julian’s experiences and our own, whether these be the collective trauma of a pandemic, or our individual struggles with human frailty. But there are also poems that seek and celebrate the fullness of joy to be found in a life of faith, and the mysterious, enduring reassurance given, through Julian, from Christ himself.' - Sarah Law, Amethyst Press

Sarah has just been awarded the bronze medal for her recent poems, This Transfigured Chapel of the Threads in the Illumination Book Awards.

The anthology is available from the Friends of Julian online shop.

Sponsored by Sarah Law, Amethyst Press.


  • Congratulations Sarah!!! You’ve done an awesome service for our world!!

    Mark Hale
  • Thank you Gill!

  • Congratulations, Sarah

    Gill Butterworth CJN

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