An interactive engagement with the Holy Mother Wisdom sculpture in the Julian Centre

The artist leads an interactive engagement with the Holy Mother Wisdom sculpture,  including a contemplative liturgy on                 Ascension Day, Thursday, 9th May at 4.0pm

For this intimate experience designed for the May Festival, Caroline Mackenzie writes, "I shall frame this as a story in three parts. First, how this female (or feminine) God image came to me as a western person in the West. Second, how I went to India to discover a symbolic or religious language to give form to this intuition. Third, my interest in expanding the Christian God-image to become more conscious of the feminine side of the Divine and how Julian’s visions are central to this ongoing quest."


In 1976, after graduating from St Martin’s School of Art, I travelled to India where I lived for twelve years. I discovered a connection between art and theology, first in a Christian art ashram and then in a Hindu temple town. Returning to the UK in 1988, I settled in Mid Wales. I was associated with The Skreen, an Anglican retreat centre. Here I participated in and led retreats and workshops. I undertook commissions for the Church both in Wales and back in India. In 2003 I returned to India as Artist in Residence at Fireflies, an inter-cultural centre near Bengaluru. Since 2008 I have lived in Suffolk and focused on working in bronze. My studio is in Leiston.

Space is limited, but click here for information about how to attend.

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