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Revelations of Divine Love - The Art that Made Us

If you're based in the UK, have you been watching BBC2's Art That Made Us?

Tonight's episode includes scenes shot in St Julian's Church with Professor Maria Fusco. "Her writing at this period, I would suggest, is a proto-Feminist act," says Professor Fusco, before highlighting the significant contribution Julian made to world literature, from her cell in Norwich.

Reflecting on her visit, Professor Fusco wrote to Father Richard Stanton, "I was honoured to spend time working in the cell, time spent writing and chasing the light move around the room, as perhaps Julian herself would have done. The method of working durationally and in-situ is something that I have tested in my writing before, but this is the first time I have practised it in such a special and reflective location."

The professor chose St Julian's Church as the first port of call in her project to visit anchorholds across the UK. Her sound work, Sarah and Alice (2021) later featured in Imprints: Art Editing Modernism, where it was described as "a secular investigation into medieval anchoresses and the spaces in which they produced their proto-feminist treatises, exposing the female voice’s role in trans-chronological heritage historiographies through a durational and spatial investigation of specific site and location."

In a press release from the University of Dundee on 4 April, Professor Fusco said "I am delighted to share the early stages of my research in Art that Made Us, forefronting experimental and embodied techniques of working to access the medieval mind."

Tune into Art That Made Us on BBC2 this evening or via the BBC iPlayer.


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