Communion in the Chaos: Julian's Vision of a Flourishing Life

Join Tim Jones for a link to his lecture on Julian, Communion in the Chaos, as he explores how the medieval author wrote as prayed as both a visionary and a survivor of trauma.

Watch Tim's short introduction HERE.



 Despite the picture we sometimes get of the 14th-century spiritual guide as a relentless optimist, Julian lived in times of traumatic challenge: plague, war, famine, churchly discord. Her buoyant faith had deeper roots than merely a sunny disposition. For decades she instead meditated on the bracing glimpses God had given her, delving into the suffering of Christ and her communion with an infinite God who comes in intimate, daily ways.

Timothy Jones, pastor, widely published author, and Visiting Scholar at Princeton Seminary, has for years lived with Julian’s Revelations, researched her times, and written about his debt to her in his own struggles and discoveries. In his presentation, Tim will explore how her reflections on the Trinity and the wider world can support us in our own longings to enjoy and meet God in more profound ways.

After his half-hour presentation, there will be opportunity for questions and dialogue.

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