Julian Festival 2022: links and resources

An audio recording of the lecture is available: https://julianofnorwich.org/blogs/news/festival2022audio. You can download the lecture handout (pdf) here.

We always publish the lecture as a pamphlet, and Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert's lecture pamphlet will be on sale here as soon as possible. If you are interested in lectures from previous years, they are currently available to buy from our ebay shop.

If you attended the High Mass and would like to download the order of service (pdf), you can do that here. We don't keep archival footage of church services, although occasionally we do broadcast certain services and make them available for a very short time for the benefit of those unable to attend in person, as we did for the Julian Festival Mass on 7 May.

Four new Companions of Julian were admitted on the 7 May, and you can read about that here.


Read the thoughts Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert has shared as she prepares her lecture: https://julianofnorwich.org/blogs/reflections/clairefostergilbert

See public Facebook posts about the Festival at #JulianFestival

#JulianFestival for tweets about the Festival


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