'Half a Century of Blessings' | Norwich | 9th May


‘Half a Century of Blessings’ Tuesday, 9th May at 10.45am 
A video talk by Sheila Upjohn
The Julian Centre, Rouen Road, Norwich.  Streamed live and recorded for our YouTube Channel. 
Sheila’s video talk will follow the 10am Mass at St. Julian’s Church
Refreshments will be served
More information and tickets (by donation) are available here.
In 1973, when Sheila Upjohn helped plan the 600th anniversary of Julian of Norwich, few people even knew her name.  Today, Julian’s God-given message is known to many throughout the world, and the little church in Norwich has become a place of pilgrimage.  Sheila has her own YouTube channel full of interesting Julian material.

In this video talk Half a Century of Blessings, Sheila will recall some of the events, people and publications that helped to bring this about.  Sheila’s re-published edition of In Search of Julian of Norwich also reveals the discoveries made since she first set off in search of Julian.  Watch a recording of Sheila telling the story of how she came to write that book.

Sheila lives in Australia, and following the video talk, will be ‘live’ in the Julian Centre for a wide-ranging Zoom conversation with Felicity Maton, a long-time trustee of the Friends of Julian.
The talk will be followed by the video St Julian’s Church: A Thousand Year History in which, together with historian Nick Groves, Sheila explores the surprising story of St Julian’s Church and Julian’s book, and how both managed to survive despite the odds stacked against them. 

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