Julian650 Lecture | Dr Juliana Dresvina | Saturday 5th August

Julian650 Lecture Series
St Julian’s Church


Saturday 5th August 11am (live streamed)




Dr Juliana Dresvina
History Faculty
University of Oxford

This talk suggests looking at Julian’s project as somewhat of a failure in her day, yet something that became more resonant with the early modern audience.

Juliana writes about her forthcoming lecture: 
I am really looking forward to giving one of the Julian anniversary lectures because, along with wanting to pay my respect to this great writer and theologian, it is also an important step in my own personal journey.
23 years ago, I came to Norwich to stay at All Hallows as a visiting undergraduate student from Moscow State university, having recently started working on Julian - the first one in Russia to do so. I immediately fell in love with Norwich and its people, and to me the past and the present of this place became inseparable. More than twenty years later, I am still writing about Julian and introducing my Oxford students to her wisdom, and it never gets old or boring! 


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