'Julian's Change of Direction' | Norwich RC Cathedral | 10th May


                                   © Felicity Maton 

Julian’s Change of Direction - A talk by Felicity Maton, Trustee of the Friends of Julian, Wednesday, 10th May at 11.00am    
The Narthex, St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Cathedral, Norwich NR2 2PA
This talk is free, and is now taking place in The Narthex at the Cathedral in Earlham Road, Norwich NR2 2PA.
Felicity Maton pursues the life-changing decision of a young Norwich woman after her near-death experience in May 1373.  Why would she want to be enclosed for the rest of her life?  
Felicity Maton moved to a new job in Norwich in 1978 with a friend’s message to ‘find out about the Lady Julian’.    As a director at Anglia Television, Felicity made a short film about Julian, which won an award.  She soon became part of the emerging Friends of Julian of Norwich, who opened the Julian Centre beside the church to welcome visitors and pilgrims.  Becoming a Trustee of the Friends and, on retirement, volunteering in the Centre, Felicity was able to share conversations and opinions, and to read translations of Julian’s writings.   All this has been a source of Felicity’s collection of finding answers to Julian’s Change of Direction after receiving her Revelations of Divine Love in 1373. 

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