Matthew Fox, Julian of Norwich: Wisdom in a Time of Pandemic – and Beyond iuniverse, 2020

Rev. Dr Luke Penkett, CJN, ObJN, writes:

Writer of 38 books on spirituality which have been translated into 68 languages and have sold millions of copies world-wide, any new book by Matthew Fox is eagerly awaited. His latest is no disappointment.

A number of books on Julian and the pandemic have already appeared but what singles this one out is the wisdom we gain through Julian’s empathic and inclusive teachings. What I admire here is Fox’s use of translations made by Mirabai Starr (who also writes the Foreword) and Brendan Doyle which give the book a freshness and immediacy.  

This is a generous offering with just enough contextualization for those coming new to Julian, answers to questions asked on the ‘why’ and the ‘now’, and a summary of Julian’s teaching.

One extra blessing which the book brings is Ronaldo Tuazon’s cover painting: one that perfectly complements the message of the book. As Gloria Steinem writes, ‘Thanks to Matthew Fox, we can find a friend in Julian of Norwich, exactly the mental, emotional and spiritual vaccine we need now’ (words printed on the book’s front cover).

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