'Multitude of Voyces' recital at Julian conference

      photo by Andrew Stewart (used with permission)


The Friends of Julian were pleased to support a recital by Somerville College Choir at the ‘New Visions of Julian of Norwich’ conference held at the Oxford university college on the 15th and 16th July.

The choir performed the world premiere of Multitude of Voyces’ four anthems based on text from Julian’s Revelations, translated by Dr Alison Daniell: ‘All shall be well’ by Carol J Jones; ‘Our endless day’ by Hilary Campbell; ‘Love was his meaning’ by Gemma McGregor and ‘We sekyn here rest’ by Judith Weir CBE.

Revd Canon Gill Butterworth CJN who attended the conference described the choir’s performance as “absolutely stunning and very much appreciated by all those who attended.”

Multitude of Voyces,
directed by Louise Stewart, is a charitable organisation which supports under-represented and marginalised groups through the creative use of music and words and is also the publisher of Sacred Music by Women Composers.


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