'Sealed into her cell' - painted by Felicity Maton, Friend of Julian

During lockdown we've had to find ways to cope with isolation. I thought of Julian living through outbreaks of plague but allowing herself to be sealed into a cell. As I wondered what life was really like for her, I did this small painting……..


  • This is so very beautiful. It has inspired me to write another booklet, this time on Julian of Norwich in contemporary fiction. It’ll have to wait until the Fall of 2022 but it’ll be worth it! Felicity’s painting will be on the front cover.

  • What a lovely painting of dear Julian in her cell, Felicity! I love the smile and radiant look of love on her shining face. I can only imagine the bliss she experienced after her enclosure!
    Thank you so much for this,
    Rebecca, CJN

    Rebecca Cole-Turner, CJN

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