St Julian’s Church fabric is needing serious attention

The Church and Julian's Cell continues to be open to all for daily worship, prayer, quiet and visiting.  Please click here for the latest details.

The building has a daunting list of work which we must undertake following some years of deferred maintenance. The Lady Julian’s Cell was redecorated last summer, funded by a generous gift from the Friends.

However, in the near future we must also complete the wholesale replacement of the church heating system (which finally collapsed and was condemned last January), the provision of adequate drainage to address the constant problem of damp, and the redecoration of the church interior.

 These will, clearly, be costly undertakings and we will need to secure financial support from outside since the sums required are beyond our own resources. Any support that you might be able to give will be warmly and thankfully received, particularly if you have contacts who might help us to access grant funding.  Buildings can consume a lot of time and energy, but our real interest is in the work of the Gospel and in people, so the provision of adequate ministry is also crucial to the development of our life and witness.

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