St Julian’s Church is open again

After three months’ closure during the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re very pleased that St Julian’s Church and Lady Julian’s Cell have now reopened to the public.

The church is open for prayer, quiet and visiting every day from 10.30am to around 4.00pm, slightly reduced from our normal hours.

We ask those visiting the church to maintain physical distancing from other households, to sanitise their hands using the sanitiser provided on entering and on leaving the building, and not to touch anything unnecessarily.

The church is cleaned at the end of each day to ensure the wellbeing of our visitors.

Candles may be lit at the shrines and prayer requests left (or submitted online).  Only three people at a time may enter Lady Julian’s Cell, to facilitate physical distancing.


Public worship resumes on Sunday 5 July.  We are following all the appropriate guidance from the Government and the Church of England.  The service pattern is as follows:

Sunday: 9.00am Low Mass and homily

Monday: 10.00am Low Mass

Wednesday: 10.00am Low Mass

Friday: 5.00pm Low Mass and Shrine Prayers

All services will be celebrated in the main body of the church to facilitate physical distancing.

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  • Wonderful to hear you are open again my prayers are that you will all remain safe and well. Lots of love and Gods blessings


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