Video Greeting from the Bishop of Norwich for St. Julian's Feast Day 2020

Julian's Feast Day is 8th May. This year brings two messages of greeting from Norwich; one from the altar in Julian's cell, and a video greeting from the Bishop's Palace.

Rev. Richard Stanton writes, "May we wish you all a very happy Feast of the Lady Julian of Norwich (and VE Day!).

"The Bishop of Norwich was supposed to be with us tomorrow for High Mass for the Julian Festival and, of course, alas, this is not now possible. However, I celebrated a solitary Mass in the cell at 10.00am today and remembered you all at the altar, together with the parishioners, communicants, Friends, the Companions, the Order of Julian with their Oblates and Associates, the volunteers in the Centre, the Rosary group, the Julian Meetings, Julian Circle, reading group and all members of the Julian Family.

"Bishop Graham has very kindly, at my invitation, recorded a short message of greeting and reflection to the Friends and the Julian family:"

"During these challenging days this comes with the assurance of my prayers for the Friends of Julian and my thanks for all that you give to encourage Mother Julian’s influence and spiritual insights to be remembered, lived and celebrated."

+Graham Norvic:

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