CALL TO ARTISTS for month-long exhibition in Norwich in the autumn


Do you know anyone who might like to create work and have it exhibited in the 650th Anniversary year?

Might they appreciate the offer of three or four free workshops with the other aspirant exhibitors to find out more about Julian and do some hands-on work together?

Might they value a grant of £120 towards materials for submitted work?

Might they like to be paid and supported to run a workshop during the year arising from their work - for local schools, for the public, or for volunteers and service users at charities not far from the Julian Shrine?

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  • One way to do this is to become a Friend of Julian (see menu at the top of this page). If you’re an artist, then come to one of the workshops which undergird the Exhibition.

    I’ll also send you an email to see what part of the world you live in.

    Howard Green
  • Julian has been my constant friend for nigh on 30 years. I would love to be in touch with others who also appreciate her profound wisdom and closeness to God.

    Noreen Thornhill

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