Five new aspirants to be Companions

Companions of Julian commit themselves to praying for individuals, for the communities where they live and for the ‘world’, so this has clearly been a time when there has been much to pray about. Julian lived in very traumatic times, but she was available and attentive to everyone who came to her cell window for comfort, solace, or help towards answers to their problems. She was therefore, a means whereby the love and light of Christ was brought to all who visited her. As Companions we too are called to show Christ’s love and to pray for the needs of others, to bring hope and hold the light of Christ in the dark places of our communities, a vital ministry.

Julian is a great source of wisdom and comfort for all times. We notice this especially at Easter, when Julian’s message of hope, that is so grounded and full of the love of God, is so utterly expressed in our Lord’s Passion and his ‘…blessed resurrection on Easter Day’.

This Easter Friends and Companions can also rejoice at the growing numbers of Companions, which since Christmas, has increased. Currently, there are five new aspirants. Our most recent aspirant to be received as a Companion joined us in October 2020, thus bringing the total number of Companions to thirty-four. The Companions are spread worldwide with twenty-eight in UK, one in Scandinavia, four in Australia and New Zealand and six in North America.

 A further note of blessing is that one of our five aspirants is an Associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich; this shows our connections there are ever growing.

God bless!

Fred Thompson CJN, Trustee of The Friends of Julian of Norwich

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