Julian Walking Trail and lecture on the recluses of Norwich; Julian was by no means alone

The Julian Partnership have published a new Julian Trail (click here for the .pdf) for people to enjoy as Norwich begins to believe that Summer has come.  Available from the Julian Centre and St. Julian's Church, it has been written for us by local historian, Nick Groves, co-author of the definitive and sometimes quirky history of St. Julian's Church.  Do note the lovely water-colour artwork of the map, too! 

One of the things that the Trail highlights is the large number of other Churches in the City that had recluses in them in and around Julian's time.  In May 2023, a commemorative lecture was delivered on the Hermits, anchorites and recluses: a study with reference to medieval Norwich at the Norfolk Record Office.  This link for that lecture is here.

What exactly went on in those confined spaces?  How did recluses support themselves financially?  


A considerable part of the answer to that question is that people left money in their wills.  At that same link, there is another absolutely fascinating account by highly respected local archivist and historian, Frank Meres, of each and every will which mentioned the anchoress or anchorite at St. Julian's, and images of them all. 

Why were some neatly and tidily written, and others less so? 

Why were all in Latin except one in French? 

From all of these wills, can we determine how old Julian was when she died?  

Enjoy finding out!

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