Life, Love, and Light - a new podcast on each of Julian's sixteen Revelations

We want to share with you a new and rich podcast series entitled: Life, Love, and Light: Reflections by Veronica Mary Rolf, author of a number of successful books on Julian.

In this series Mary is exploring the teachings of Christian mystics to discover how they may inspire, encourage, and guide us on our own spiritual path - especially during this pandemic that produces so much fear and suffering.

The Initial episode, entitled "Sheltering in Place", introduces Julian of Norwich as our spiritual guide. Julian certainly has a lot to tell us about "sheltering in place" as an anchorite and surviving four cycles of the plague!

Further podcasts (one a week, at least) enable listeners to make "A Virtual Retreat with Julian of Norwich." It is a sixteen week series - to explore Julian's sixteen Revelations of Divine Love and their direct relevance for our spiritual path through this crisis. Each episode includes a guided meditation at the end.

The podcasts are available for download from the usual places: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and a host of others. You can listen in your home... or as you walk, meditate, or appreciate nature.

Here is a link to the Life, Love, & Light podcast website with all the information. Just scroll down to hear the first episode.


  • The podcasts by Veronica Mary Rolf have been truly inspiring. She has deepened my understanding of Julian and her visions. It has been a time of reflection on my own understanding of God and has proved to be a special time, while listening, during lockdown. It is thoughtful and real. Thank you for making these available to us.

    Dot Lenton
  • ‘Life, Love, and Light’ is not to be missed for those who love – or barely know – Julian of Norwich. Sr Rolf combines an exemplary socio-historical, Biblical, and spiritual approach to the text, chapter by chapter – almost line by line in places – which is quite unique. Also unique is her marriage of deep and impressive scholarship with a heart- and soul-felt appreciation of her subject. Each podcast ends with a meditation based on what has been observed, often with a strong Catholic flavour. This is definitely the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment of the text (the long version) I’ve experienced from many years of looking at Julian in various formats. It took me a little time to get used to her purposefully dramatic presentation but once familiar I was hooked. I can’t recommend this podcast more highly: it’s given me so many insights.


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