New Poem about Julian of Norwich


Poet Cat Woodward writes about her poem dedicated to Julian of Norwich. Cat’s debut poetry collection Strange Shape has recently been published by Gatehouse Press in Norwich:

‘This poem is an abecedarian, based on the alphabet, moving through each letter in succession. I saw a comparison between the little space of A-Z and the hazelnut of Julian’s vision. In both, all we know is encompassed, while the space beyond is so incomparably vast, and yet this little thing is so faithfully loved. When I first read Julian’s Revelations, I was deeply moved by the consolation and comfort of her vision. It was the first time that I felt I’d understood the tenderness of divine love. It surprised and inspired me to see the profound humility with which Julian had dedicated herself to that love; her life was one of faith and hope, which defeat despair. And so, this is the spirit in which I wrote her poem.’

Read Cat’s poem Julian of Norwich here


‘Imaginative, lyrical, and full of dark magic, Strange Shape takes an East Anglian city and shifts it into unexpected forms’ (Dr Andrew McDonnell, Gatehouse Press Editor)

Cat Woodward was born in Lancashire in 1990 and now lives in Norwich. She holds a PhD in lyric poetics from the University of East Anglia and teaches creative writing.  Read more here

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