Our Lady of the Northwoods | Our Lady of the Way

In Chapter 41 of her Revelations, Mother Julian writes, “Our Lord is very happy and glad with our prayer. He expects it and wants to have it, because with his grace it makes us as like himself in condition as we are in nature.”

As a Companion of Julian, these words and this icon, resonate deeply within me about how a contemplative vocation can be at the very heart of the mission of God’s church. In the same chapter, Julian goes on to reflect on the importance of gratitude, as a true inward awareness, “to turn with all our strength to the work God is calling us to do”.

As I reflect on the vocation of Mary, model of contemplative discipleship, I pray that Christ may grow in me his condition and nature, strengthening me to do the work he calls me to do as I continue in his Way. I’m delighted that God continues to recruit Companions of Julian to this contemplative work. We now number thirty-four worldwide, with twenty three in the UK, one in Scandinavia, four in Australia/New Zealand and six in North America. For more details about us, please see the website.

Our Lady of the Northwoods is the home of the Order of Julian of Norwich in Wisconsin, USA. Near the entrance of the monastery an icon, mosaic style, depicts Our Lady of the Way.

Fr Bruce, CJN and Companion’s Coordinator

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