Review | 'I Saw Him And I Sought Him-Julian of Norwich and the Holy Icons'-John-Michael Mountney


Reviewed by Felicity Maton

There are many images of Julian, but the first icon of Julian apparently was written only in the late 1980s by Anna DiMascio. This icon, which had been commissioned by the author of this book, is featured on the cover. Words from Julian and the liturgies of Western and Orthodox traditions are placed alongside full page colour icons.

Julian was given her Showings because she asked for ‘a bodily sight’ and this book finds surprising links between Julian and the rich tradition of Orthodoxy’s ‘holy gazing’ on icons.

Sheila Upjohn contributes ‘A Brief History of Orthodox Time’ and the author, John-Michael Mountney was a Warden of the Julian Shrine. Now he is an Orthodox Reader, an iconographer and gives an expert practical guide to praying with icons.

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