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Through Julian's Windows - Growing into wholeness with Julian of Norwich by Elizabeth Ruth Obbard

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Julian Lent Course Book 2023

A 14th century woman sits at a desk in her simple, one-room dwelling attached to a church in Norwich. The room has three windows. Through one she can see the altar of St Julian's Church, through another the people of the town come to unburden themselves to her, through the third a maid brings her food, drink and water for washing. Known only as 'the lady at St Julian's of Norwich', she experienced an extraordinary series of visions and her record of them, published as The Revelations of Divine Love, became not only the first book in English to be written by a woman, but an enduringly popular spiritual classic.

Her words speak afresh to each new generation with striking contemporary relevance. This engaging volume explores the very modern understanding Julian of Norwich had of the need for balance to keep our spiritual lives healthy and productive. Exemplified by the three windows in her cell

- one representing adoration and love for God

- one the service of others

- one the importance of recognising one's own limitations and need of support

here is profound wisdom tempered by the practical realities of day-to-day living. Through Julian's Windows helps us to gain a deeper self-awareness so that we may grow in compassion for others and in our longing for union with God.

Sister Elizabeth Ruth Obbard lives at the Carmelite monastery at Quidenham, Norfolk. She is the author of numerous books including Every Pilgrim's Guide to Walsingham, also published by the Canterbury Press.

96 pages, Paperback
First published March 1, 2008