At the Shrine

Julian of Norwich speaks to people from all walks of life, from various faith traditions and none, to older people and the very young, to those beginning to explore as well as to those who have followed a spiritual path for years.


The Julian Shrine is a place of Pilgrimage and as such it offers a place of sanctuary and silence for many as well as significant healing. Some pilgrimage groups come from the other side of the globe, some are church groups from Norfolk. Some people come on pilgrimage alone, out of devotion to Julian or just with a heavy heart seeking a place apart of silence and stillness that resonates with a deep spirituality.


Informal Talks and Lectures

Some will visit us to learn about Julian of Norwich and her Revelations, to receive information about this remarkable lady and her revelations from God. We offer talks ranging from the life and teaching of Julian to in depth discussion of her theology, and even the interesting manuscript history of the Revelations.


Guided Meditations

We can offer Guided Meditations in Julian’s Cell based upon Julian’s writings.

Others unaccustomed to silence may prefer a meditation including some music reflections, and some of the sayings of Julian interspersed with times of reflection.



For those experienced in silence, the Shrine itself is a welcome and quiet place set apart form the bustle of life. It is open every day of the year.

Others prefer to meet together for silence. This can take the form of a Julian Meeting, which might start with a reading from Julian and lead into a time of total silence. Centering Prayer groups and meditation groups meet periodically in the Shrine as well.

For some silence will be uncomfortable or even threatening, for these we offer time of quiet to read a book and enjoy fellowship with others.



The Shrine welcomes Intercessory prayers which will be offered in Julian’s Cell during the Friday Shrine Prayers. Send prayers in to us, come along or incorporate Shrine prayers as part of your pilgrimage.


Services and Worship

You are welcome to lead your own service in Julian’s Cell or in St. Julian’s Church or to join in one of the regular services offered by the parish of St. John Timberhill with St. Julian's. For more information on regularly offered services see the Parish page under the Visitors section.


Children and young people

St. Julian’s is a flexible space and young people are welcome. We specialise in children’s spirituality and offer experiential programmes tailored to meet your group’s individual needs. All ages can be catered for, we offer cross curricular programmes.


Spiritual and Theological Reading

The Julian Centre holds a constantly-updated Reference Library containing hundreds of volumes comprising probably the world's largest study resource for Julian of Norwich.

The Julian Centre also offers for sale a number of books of general spiritual interest and a selection of books and lectures, DVD's and audio recordings about Julian of Norwich and copies of many different translations of her Revelations of Divine Love.