FOJ PRC DEV Peter's Task Page (Hidden Internal)

Items listed here for Peter to complete...

  1. Get copy and layout from old website to new website
  2. Calendar module
  3. Events >> is this part of calendar
  4. PayPal hook-up and test COMPLETED
  5. Membership module and test Friends 'product'
  6. Add security badge
  7. Choose which payment options appear in FOJ footer
  8. Time to add maps and more …
  9. Google analytics
  10. Taxes
  11. Shipping
  12. Clear Test pages
  13. Review and add Notes/REM to all custom sections created starting with the internal comment format and date format

    <!—FOJ Notes on this custom section Last updated: 201900801-->

Phase 1

Phase 2 items & tasks

  • Setting up the Shopify POS app for use in Shop/Conference
  • Setting  up of other online selling

References useful to Peter

References useful for Theme creation/changes