Reflections from two Companions of Julian; Bruce who is the originator of this Candlemas Conference, and Fred who is one of the trustees of the Friends of Julian

Bruce, what is a Companion of Julian?

A Companion of Julian is one called to seek God in companionship with Julian and her own experience of Christ revealing his love to her. This companionship is often reflected in a life of prayer, some solitude and compassionate ministry.

Fred, why are you pleased that the Friends have been able to give their practical and financial support for this conference?

The practical and financial support of the Friends has enabled the conference to become a reality and a means of kindling and inspiring a deeper response, in those taking part, to God's love as revealed to Julian and expressed in her book.

Bruce, how does this conference reflect what the Companions are all about?

The Companions are all about making a personal response to a call NOW. This conference is thus not a consideration of Julian and her Revelations of Divine Love as a piece of literature, or from an academic point of view, but a way to reflect upon how her legacy can help us all to live lives marked with compassion, repentance and God-longing in the places we find ourselves in contemporary life.

Fred, what are you looking forward to particularly from the conference?

I am very much looking forward to the contributions from our excellent speakers and to the fellowship, listening and sharing of insights and understanding of everyone participating in the conference.

Bruce, if you had to sum up the vision for the conference in three words, what would they be?

Listening, learning, loving.

Both of you, as the conference gets closer what kind of preparation will you be doing?

Fred: I shall be preparing by a prayerful reading of chapters in Julian's book.

Bruce: Apart from obvious practical preparations, I want to spend some time praying for an openness to receive what God desires for me.


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